We guarantee creative, excellent, high quality media & entertainment for all your brand needs.




From cosmetic campaigns, photo shoots, to music videos and fashion film behind-the-scenes, we range in our media versatility. Increasing your brand visibility through creative consultation is our specialty. 

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We have extensive experience directing & producing advertisement content for various products and brands. Work with us to achieve high quality, trendy, and effective commercial ad films & marketing content that matches your brand message.


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Brand design, direction, and consultation are all available with us. Stay ahead of trends, and rebrand your artistry with our creative directors & designers. We offer unique packaging + brand development for a new transformation. 

Curating trendy creative media content for all audiences.


Uniquely yours, the creative media content coming from our company can directly affect your brand image, sales, and marketing direction. Campaigns such as promoting Korean skincare for all skin types or interview videos with celebrities can all be excellently produced with our team. Hire us for your corporate videos, product launches, and fun viral campaigns!


SO INTL x Lia Kim Collaboration - Interview Video


Your favorite designs, branding, creative direction & production.


From ideating to designing, we are confident in our ability to deliver trendy new ideas for your brand's needs. With our excellent team, we can revamp, renew, and relaunch your new brand's content - from concept direction, new campaign lines, live photo content for cosmetic brands, and on & off-line prints for all to see!

Watsons Taiwan

Watsons' "Get It K-Beauty" International Cosmetic Line - Rebranding & Relaunching

Featured in Tawian, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China Stores & Sites

Creative Direction, Full Production, Video Production, Online & Offline Content Prints

Watson's Thailand & Malaysia K-Beauty Page

International Marketing & Promotion


Leave all the marketing & executing to us! Our forte in both the East & West (USA, Canada, South Korea, Southeast Asia) give us a high advantage of us working cross-culturally. We are able to understand target demographics needs, desires, and forecast trends. 

We can promote your product or brand in a new trendy way that is easily digestable to the target audience. Expertise includes cosmetics, music, and fashion industries.



Soak Lifestyle Magazine

Marketing Direction, Content Creation, Promotion 

Musical sounds becoming visual stories.


From visualizing content, story boarding, choosing colors, style, and casting, we deliver the best one-of-a-kind music video direction and content. We work closely with artists and are musically inclined to know the best in the music world. Our new, tech savvy techniques show what people want to see out in the media. 



"Solarrio - Hopeless" Music Video

Creative Direction

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"Dmeanor - I" Music Video


Cover your corporate media needs with our photography & videos.


With us, you can successfully cover your company events with recap videos & photography, and new staff portraits! We've had extensive experience in the corporate world and would love to provide excellent work for your business needs!


KLC Candy Party Event Recap Photography

Photography, Post-Production

Wanted x WeWork Recruiting Carnival Event Recap Video & Photography

Direction, Full Production, Post-Production

Social Media

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