Wanted Lab 원티드랩

Wanted Lab x Judy Kim Media & Entertainment


  JK Media & Entertainment is proud to announce our partnership with Wanted Lab, a start up recruiting site in South Korea, which has already attracted a total of 10 billion won in investments from 11 institutions in Korea and Japan. Wanted Lab has grown substantially since its founding year in 2015, and has "secured more than 1,000 corporate clients including Facebook, Amazon Web Services, Nexon, and SKT.”


Booming industry site for recruiters and job seekers in South Korea

   Working with their marketing team, we provide photography services for new companies wanting to partner with Wanted Lab to recruit trustworthy, young, and active employees. Visiting their new office spaces and photographing their interior design & working atmosphere, we've successfully delivered company visit photographs and recruiting event coverage. 


   Taking a look into their structure, you can see that Wanted Lab hosts recruiting events to help South Korean startups find new talent and allow job seekers to learn more about the start up community. Connecting talents to their interests and passions in a fun, attractive way, Wanted has successfully connected start ups looking for driven committed job-seekers with new employees- crucial for the success of a start up.

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   Working with innovative companies such as Google Campus, they seek to pair up a growing company with young passionate employees while equipping them with knowledge of how start ups work, how much responsibility will be given per hire, and what to expect once starting work. 

   Successfully networking recruiters, employees, and CEO's of start ups, Wanted Lab brings a comfortable and free atmosphere to their seminars and events. Allowing for an exchange of company knowledge, inquiries, and a way to answer questions, this booming recruiting company has attracted thousands of users and clients.

Start Up Culture

Helping start ups and passionate job seekers fit their right fit

   Even on social media, Wanted has created a huge buzz in the Korean community- with their trendy designs, great copyrighting skills, and most importantly, knowing the market of the Korean employment community, they've really taken off in their social media + mobile app growth with users. 

   With 31,155 followers on Facebook, they're able to announce cool recruiting collaboration dates, recruitment events, networking classes, and other forms of resources for the entrepreneur community in Seoul, South Korea.