Watsons K-Beauty Line

Watsons "Get It K-Beauty" x Judy Kim Media & Entertainment

   We got an amazing opportunity to produce the content for Watsons' relaunching & rebranding of their "Get It K-Beauty" cosmetic line, courtesy of Grace International, a distribution company in Seoul, South Korea. With Korean beauty booming all over the world, we had an exceptional advantage of already working in Seoul, knowing the right models, stylists, hair & make-up, photographers, and other staff to make a professional production happen. 

Live on Watsons' Taiwan main page

    The goal was the rebrand Watsons' K-Beauty image from an older less young brand image to one that is a prime example of a Korean woman in beauty/skincare when other countries think of Korea.  

   With Grace International leading the direction for the "Get It K-Beauty" line for Watsons, we reviewed their cohesive project plan that would renew Watsons digital content from e-commerce sites, to email subscriptions, sales points, promotional sales & discounts, marketing direction, and K-Beauty activation campaigns. They invited us to be part of their plan to rebrand the K-Beauty look with their content planning, printing, and executing live into stores. 

   With a creative direction in mind, we were able to orchestrate a whole photo & video production with the new model face of Watsons K-Beauty line "Emma Beauty". Starting with the styling of how the looks would turn out, we coordinated 3-4 different Korean looks : clean dewy skin, cute & trendy, chic & sexy, and an additional look for various K-Beauty purposes. 

   This included Judy Kim operating as the director, producer, and main communicator across all departments for this project. She had to find the right beauty photographer, studio, hair & make-up artist, stylist, production assistants, and make the ultimate decisions for each look's details in styling and poses. It was a collaborative effort with many people involved- client's approval for looks, agency's approval of the concepts, the stylist & make-up artist's opinions as well as detailed work. It was a very rewarding experience to see it all come together. 

   Watsons it is the largest health and beauty care retailer store in Asia. It operates in over 6,000 stores & 1,500 pharmacies in Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Turkey, Lithuania, and Latvia.    

   Internationally,  Watsons beauty and skincare retail carries Korean brands such as COSRX, Mediheal, Jayjun, LUNA, SNP, Missha, Apieu, CLIO, 3CE, etc. To rebrand Korean beauty into a standalone category, Watsons wanted to revamp their Korean look into something trendy, new, attractive, and cute. The produced images & photos are to be live on Watsons Taiwan, Singapore, and Hong Kong main pages, as well as printed across 1,000+ stores, and online on email subscription content. 


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Watsons is under A.S. Watson Group

A member of CK Hutchison Holdings

   We successfully accomplished this project goal and are looking forward to how it will look across many channels. The production was a great success, and at the end of the production shoot, the Watsons client was happy, Grace International staff felt accomplished, and Judy Kim Media & Entertainment team happy to finish on time. Thanks to all the staff involved!

Client - Watsons
Director & Producer - Judy Kim
Agency - Grace International with Kenneth Park, Sunny Seon Yeong Park
Model - Emma Beauty
Photographer - Jessica Marie
Videographer - Ku Nakagawa
Hair & Make-Up - Rachel Kim
Styling - Roy Back
Remote Producing - Kibobo Pictures with Stephen Wilcox
Production Assistants - Lee Radde, Jane Santiago